Welcome to Active Dads!

Active Dads Organisation NPO Organization Fathers FatherhoodActive Fatherhood is a very important topic. Having a child and caring for it can change a man´s live, and a caring father surely is a good foundation for every child.

ACTIVE DADS is an international network of active fathers, and mainly wants to encourage men all around the world to organize "DADS´ WALKS" on father´s day: an event where dads walk together with their children - to meet, get to know each other - and show the world that they take their responsibility as fathers very serious.


ACTIVE DADS is not an organization for divorced fathers or "fathers´ rights".

  • We know that this is a very important topic, but there are many organizations and initiatives out there dealing with the issue. They can post their website below this entry.

Of course divorced fathers are welcome at every DADS´ WALK!